Okay…enough already. Let’s set the lineup.

Thanksgiving is officially over. It’s time to start talking baseball again.

Well…maybe it’s a bit premature, but I’m sitting here with both kids asleep (magically and inexplicably) while the Mrs. is out scratching and clawing her way through the Black Friday crowds.

I’m putting off cleaning up the T-Day Bombs that were dropped on our kitchen because I found the replay of the Diamondbacks’ N.L. West-clinching game against the Giants, and I’m thinking it’s time to start talking about baseball again.

Now, it’s not that I like the Giants…hate them, in fact. I don’t like Arizona either…though it seems that San Diego is quickly becoming Arizona West, maybe I should start warming up to them.┬áThe fact is, I’m ready for the 2012 season to begin, so ANY baseball is GREAT baseball at this point. Now…on to the main event of the evening.

For this first blog, I figured I’d take my shot at a starting lineup I’d like to see the San Diego Padres run out for the 2012 season. Make no mistake…I’m a fan…not an expert, and these are my humble opinions.

Here’s what I’d like to see on the Opening Day lineup card:

Everth Cabrera, 2B

Chase Headley, 3B

Jesus Guzman, 1B**

Kyle Blanks, LF

Nick Hundley, C

Cameron Maybin, CF

Will Venable, RF**

Jason Bartlett, SS**

Mat Latos, P

Now…there are some asterisks.

#1 Guzman isn’t a defender by any means, but he can swing it. My preference would be for Rizzo to take this spot from him, but I think the 3-hole may be too much pressure for such a young guy, and he has to prove he can hit at the big league level. I don’t like the idea of platooning. I believe in bench players and starters, no crossovers.

#2 Venable is on his last leg. If there’s a guy we can go get for some prospects (Carlos Quentin, Domonic Brown, Nick Swisher, etc.), then I’m all for it. If not, Venable has the last chance to prove he can be a starter. Love the guy, but he’s struggled mightily.

#3 Bartlett is another one I’m not sold on. Was happy with the signing originally, but just not sure he can bring back what he had. Same as above…if we can get someone else, I’m interested.

The other glaring change is 2B. Honestly, I loved the idea of the Bartlett/Hudson combo, but it didn’t pan out at all. Cabrera, in my mind, should get the shot at his more natural position and maybe that could take the pressure off in the batter’s box. That means we’ve got to beg someone to take Hudson off our hands, which may prove insurmountable.

That’s my take…more on the bench later. The dishes are sending angry glares at me, and Baby Friar looks like he’s trying to wake up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Play ball!